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Ensuring Safety

As part of our commitment to creating healthier, safer living environments, we offer comprehensive lead paint inspection services. With our meticulous testing processes, we’ll help you understand and address potential lead hazards in your property. Trust us to guide you through every step.

Leading Lead Paint Inspection Services in Beverly, MA, the North Shore, Boston, Cape Cod and Surrounding Areas

When it comes to safeguarding your home against the dangers of lead paint, our services stand apart. We bring our in-depth knowledge and years of experience to ensure a thorough, detail-oriented inspection process. Throughout the State of Massachusetts, our lead paint inspection offers complete peace of mind, arming you with the information you need to protect your family or tenants. With our lead testing services, you’re choosing a trusted partner committed to ensuring the health and safety of your living environment.

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The Detailed Lead Inspection Procedure

Our detailed lead inspection services offer many different types of inspections:

  • Initial Comprehensive Lead Inspection: A room-by-room fully documented inspection utilizing XRF technology to record readings for all trim components, walls, floors, closets, ceilings, and exteriors associated with a property in order to achieve lead compliance status.
  • Lead Determination: Using assorted testing (approx 20-25 readings) with XRF technology to determine if lead may or may not be present on a property, but cannot be used for deleading purposes.
  • Lead Testing Services: We perform dust, soil, and water sampling to determine lead presence.
  • Post Compliance Assessment Determination: Following the issuance of an Initial or Full Lead Compliance, this inspection is used in order to update an older compliance document or replace a lost compliance report or compliance letter.
  • Restoration Repair or Painting (RRP) Inspection: This inspection is used to find possible lead paint sources in a restoration, maintenance repair or painting project in order to use safe lead procedures to ensure both worker and occupant safety
  • Additional Lead Testing services: We perform dust, soil, and water sampling to determine lead presence.

With our lead inspection services, we ensure a meticulous evaluation of potential lead hazards in your property.

Achieving Lead Compliance in the State of Massachusetts

Ensuring lead compliance is not just about adhering to regulations, it’s about safeguarding the health of those within your premises. Our lead inspection services based in Beverly, MA, ensure comprehensive identification and evaluation of potential lead hazards for any property located in the state of Massachusetts. The post compliance assessment determination is used to confirm successful maintenance of any previous lead-based paint issues. From homes to commercial spaces, we strive to promote safer living and working environments through our lead inspection services. Trust in our expertise for your peace of mind.

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